Building intimacy in a relationship happens over time with consistent and reliable gestures of communication, time and support building a healthy stable sense of trust between two people.

In today’s world this time can be eroded with technology, deadlines, a multitude of challenges really unless you make the relationship a priority.

To do this its essential to know and set realistic expectations within the relationship around questions of availability, desire and intention this way everybody knows where they stand minimising trust and intimacy breaches that may cause conflict in the relationship or even pain.

We all need to be needed, recognized, heard, attended to and supported these are some of the essential ingredients of a good life and what it means to be human.

So take a moment and consider what it is you would really like to create in your relationships and whether you truly are prepared to put in the time and effort to reap the rewards that love and healthy intimacy offer.

No body said that love would be easy,
Just that it would be worth the effort.
Love and passion entwine
Around an ideal version of the sublime

To and fro it seems to go
Where and why we don’t know
To know is to accept
To accept is to flow

Nobody said love would be easy
Just that it is worth it
From me to you
I know this is true.

Truth is what you make of it, what you believe to be so
From the will to the sill
Of an open window to the heart
With a depth that may be hard to grasp as it is so vast.

Open the hands
Open the heart
Let love flow
Return to the start.

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