The energy and time it takes to build trust in a relationship can be sizable and worth it and it can take just a moment to break that trust.

The pain and disappointment when you feel let down by someone can feel insurmountable in that moment.

Its important to connect with those painful feelings and learn something from them, sometimes people are just people and consumed by what is happening immediately in their lives and become absorbed in that and can forget about what is happening on the “outside” with the people and the relationships they have built.

Communicating your feelings from a connected, rational place is very important before responding that way you minimize reactions that can become heated and disproportionate to the issue or trigger that created the disappointment, hurt and feelings of broken trust.

This you can create an opportunity for even greater awareness, depth, connection in your communication by giving voice to those feelings it allows the other person to know that you matter too, even when they are caught up in their own world and that while you respect their right to privacy and space that doesn’t excuse their behaviour that causes hurt feelings or distrust.

Realistic expectations are required to form any healthy relationship, maturity in acknowledging your hurt feeling and communicating them will help you to form a trusting relationship with yourself which is a very important foundation for healthy relationships with others.

Of course if the pattern continues of violations of trust within your relationship it will be important to make some decisions regarding the future of that relationship as no amount of conflict or force will change the underlying issue, communication will resolve at one outcome or another.

Relationships can be the most rewarding experience you can share with another person creating growth opportunities and capacity to deepen your appreciation of yourself and another.
Think it through and then talk it through, Remember every story has two sides!

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