I spent today surrounded by passionate people who dedicate their life to love, beauty and being of service. A service that is bound by joy.
I met a marriage celebrant who’s eyes sparkled as she recalled the wedding she performed yesterday, the intensity of the landscape of Bradley’s Head on a rainy Autumn day, the drizzle of the rain on the wedding arbor as it framed the beloved on their special day.

She wondered why she didn’t do this sooner… become a marriage celebrant, to let love have it’s way, to hold in her service the lovers gentle embrace, the promise to love and to hold till no longer the breathe moves within them

How often do we wonder about that someday,the calling of our hearts only to forget and return to the mundane, day to day tucking away the pleasure of the thought of that “someday”.

Love means many things to different people and that is the beauty that love offers for it holds no judgment or must do’s it is simple, alive, gentle and passionate all in the same moment, the warmth that spreads throughout your body from a place that we call the heart, seeping through the emptiness to create a tender ebb and flow cascading over rocks of previous pain, dissolving, melting the memories of some other day.

Surely when we remember …. someday can become our everyday.

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