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One of the best pieces of advice you can receive about starting a regular exercise habit is this: don’t try and squeeze exercise into your already crowded schedule. Make a point of clearing time that is only to be used for one thing – exercising.

Get out your planner, diary or calendar and schedule your exercise time just as you would other important activities like attending a meeting at work, picking the kids up from school or visiting the doctor.

If you believe that you’ll be able to add exercise time into your day without clearing some time for it, then think hard. Even if you’re not very busy and have a lot of time to yourself, the discipline of actually making an appointment with yourself (and the treadmill) makes it harder to break.

And if you are really busy (like most of us) without making time for it, when do you think you’ll have time? If this is going to be a lasting habit, it has to become a part of your life, and that means really giving yourself a opportunity to do it.

Here are some ideas that will help busy people make time to exercise.

If you’re busy looking after kids:

If you’re busy caring for an older child or adult:

If you’re busy with work:

Other ideas that may help:

Hopefully some of these ideas will have helped you effectively plan the time you’ll spend on physical activity. Allocating time for exercise is important. It’s not another incidental activity that can or cannot be done – it’s as important as any other activity you make time for, so make sure you’re well prepared and ready to go!

Resource: Healthlogix – Australian Corporate Wellness Online.

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