What I Do

Vanessa is passionate about people and applies science based tools and processes within Individual Coaching and Therapy settings and purpose built Business, People and Culture programs supporting Entrepreneurs, Founders, CEO’s and their teams to achieve, empower and evolve them.

Life & Strengths Coaching

Life requires us to show up each and everyday and some days are more challenging than others!

Having a coach who focuses you on your strengths and what you do best everyday assists you to take life to the next level of growth.

  1. Discovery as an individual process
  2. Collaboration and autonomy support
  3. Change Enhancement
  4. Strengths and values clarification
  5. Visioning and Goal Striving
  6. Action Planning and Monitoring

Transpersonal Counselling

The How of moving on: Gaining wisdom from past experiences, staying present and especially getting out of our own way to create future success often finds us in cycles of old patterning.

Counselling works beautifully with Coaching to get to the bottom of unconscious beliefs, stuck emotions and unhelpful behaviours empowering you to move forward in a more integrated way, from struggle to living to thriving.

  1. Mindfulness Skills
  2. Distress Tolerance
  3. Emotional Control
  4. Interpersonal Skills