Change, yep it’s a scary place sometimes and also a very exciting opportunity.

For many change comes unabated, crashing into our daily lives and causing upheaval, sometimes that’s a welcome relief from the day to day experiences that have become stale and we know we’ve outgrown. Change is a process though and when it’s a knocking on the door or even busting it down we have at some level requested it. Cast your mind back to how the current events may be aligned to a wish or desire you may have pondered.

When we can create a sense of perspective this often leads to a sense of relief that the apparent upheaval may in fact be all good. Good in the sense that it will alleviate the feeling of being “stuck” or accepting less than our ideal life.

I often say to my clients when feeling frustrated that things don’t appear to be shifting that we must go through the stages that I describe as similar to a garden.

First we must till the soil, clear away the weeds and debris.

Second we plant the seed – a new idea, a desire, a wish even a dream.

Third we tend to the garden, water it, ensure enough sunshine and keep it weeded.

Fourth we  can then “harvest” and feast with joy upon what we have created and grown from a mere seed.

Fifth we must rest and allow the “soil” to regenerate ready for the next process.

The mistake we often make is rushing out the next day after planting the seed, dig it up and ask “have you grown yet?” and sometimes we even forget we planted the seed and are surprised when it flowers causing us to retrace our steps back to reclaim our harvest.

So if you find yourself bracing against change take a moment to reflect and consider the wishes and dreams of yesterday and how they are faring in your garden, put your gloves on and go to work attending to the necessary phases of your change cycle.

Happy gardening 🙂

Vanessa Auditore – Director Australian Corporate Wellness & Success HQ, Human Behaviour & Wellbeing specialist

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