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When death descends upon your door
It makes life a little harder to ignore
The priorities we make and choices we take
Crumble and humble us to our core

We begin to wonder about the essence and meaning of life
What is the point of it all.

Death removes choice and calls a sense of order to the fore
A specific sense of order, choice and priority
That we may have never known before.

Deep into the cave of despair
There is no light, well none perceivable with this sight
Emergency Exit
Follow and be guided by the light out of the depth of darkness, back to light.

Light is perceived as a reprieve, a welcome relief
From all that the darkness asks us to ignore
Ignorance is bliss as we send it off with a kiss
Sealing within the revealing face of the din escaping the rays of light.

Admirable adventures to the peaceful place
Where pain and sorrow are forgotten in a blink
The blink of the eye chases away the tear
Tears of sorrow that our minds never allow us to fully sink

The heart holds another story
One of triumph and conclusion
Where the daylight is rescued from the shadows of the night
And the heart returns it’s beat, thumpedy thump, thumpedy thump

We are back on our feet
Ready to meet
That which is our destiny
Restored and complete.

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