An exciting and promising race is on to translate recent neuroscience findings into practical applications in personal and professional arenas.The study of the nervous system of the brain and body – the field of neuroscience – is increasingly going mainstream.More and more, what’s on the minds of an increasing number of people is … their own mind.Among the most amazing discovery is plasticity, a remarkable capacity that allows the brain to generate new neurons all the time, according to neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, and to renew and to reorganize its basic structure of neurons indefinitely.In this series of posts, we’ll consider 3 basic ways in which your brain regularly adapts to change. The more you get to know your brain, the more you understand the ability you have to inspire optimal behaviors in yourself and others, and to direct changes to limiting patterns. Believe it or not, you come fully equipped to wisely and effectively address the inherent challenges of life.Read full article by Athena Staik PhdAPA ReferenceStaik, A. (2011). 3 Types of Change Your Brain Adapts (1 of 3). Psych Central.Vanessa Auditore Human Behaviour & Wellbeing specialist practice is located in St Leonards NSW, please contact for all enquiries and session bookings.

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