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Our thoughts are nothing other than powerful!

Whether they empower you or reduce you to an anxious / depressed mess too fatigued to get out of bed then it’s time for a clean out. Like everything that is alive it changes and so do our thoughts need to to reflect the new opportunities of everyday.

I am not referring to clinical depression here or deep trauma, loss and grief… that is another story and while changing one’s cognition’s (thoughts) is essential in assisting change with these debilitating conditions often extra assistance may be required to move through to the silver lining.

Melancholy, fear projections of past events repeating like ground hog day, general low moods and anxiety significant relief is at hand, well in mind!

Whatever your preferred flavour of relief be it chatting with a friend or loved one, mindfulness, meditation, affirmations, journalling, relaxation, visualistaions working with a professional, prayer etc to change one’s mind and create a space of neutrality to allow some much needed space from all the clutter we end up with up there you will experience change with consistent practice, be realistic and as I said to a client today.

1. Pick one that has the most power… thought that is?

2. Challenge it, ie how true is that right now?

3. Where or when did I learn that belief / idea?

4. How well is it working for me today?

5. What do I want to believe instead?

6. How will changing my belief/ thoughts/ ideas to that help me now?

7. Listen and take action, ie practice step 5 until you feel differently about the old belief and it’s power to shape your actions and the unhelpful emotions dissipate.

Helpful thoughts create helpful actions and feelings of hope, hope builds resilience and self efficacy allowing you to have a different experience and creates choice for your next thought without the autopilot.

Remember if you or anyone you know suffers with long term anxiety, depression, low moods please assist them to seek professional assistance to diagnose and treat any underlying conditions and by all means recommend the above as it does help anyone and everyone to have a mental clean out .

Vanessa Auditore is a registered Counsellor & Life Coach currently studying Bach Psychology and runs her practice in St Leonards NSW.

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