In the presence of faith worry disappears…

Being present to one’s wishes, dreams, wants and desires can be confronting, all the old beliefs, thoughts and experiences emerge and we are asked to clarify, we are challenged to believe in what our eyes may not be able to see yet our hearts know.

Following this guidance is different to how we may have experienced our lives previously and that is understandably scary simply because its not known to the rational logical mind.

Spending time, quiet time to reflect, connect with our inner truth is important on a daily basis as this practice allows us to slow down and get our bearings in a fast paced world, while technology is a wonderful asset in many facets of our lives it can never replace the truth that is in our hearts and the pace in which this needs to find a solid foundation.

For many this may mean a meditative practice which can resemble anything from sitting in lotus, guided meditations to walking the paths of nature and really doesn’t matter how we get there it’s just important that we do make the space.

Often when we are seeking a greater truth, a more authentic way of being the unknown can feel overwhelming and it is in the acceptance of this challenge that the way forward appears we also need to listen and respond rather than react out of the old model of our existence, from a place of response choice appears clear and we can then implemented the necessary changes in a relaxed peaceful “knowing” way. Being certain creates a sense of empowerment in one’s own abilities to navigate their life.

Vanessa Auditore is the director of Success HQ

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