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Over exercising, over thinking, over achieving … just plain leaves you OVER IT!

Overdoing anything can leave you feeling exhausted and uninspired. Recent trends, and even not so recent trends have us believing if we just do more, achieve more, go harder we will succeed. Success is build over time with each small step we will get there as long as there is defined from the beginning and then we can reset and replan for continued growth and subsequent success.

Hi intensity anything without adequate rest and regrouping leads to struggle, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically our whole self suffers as the struggle cannot be sustained and this usually leads to giving up rather than sustainable living! We need a plan and one that incorporates rest

Benefits of rest are and not limited to;

Maintaining balance

Sharpening concentration

Improving mood

Enhancing relationships due to availability to connect

Decreasing risk of errors in judgement, thinking and emotional responding

Less likely to get illnesses related to continues stress on the body like migraine, hypertension and stomach ulcers

Facilitates better, healthier eating habits now that you’ve taken the time to slow it down

Minimises internal and external conflict

Make you look more beautiful. Returns the smile to your dial which is attractive

Helps to manage weight and enhance self esteem.

Just a few ideas that may convince you that taking a rest often is a great idea, one that may save your health, relationship, wealth, and career along with many other important valuable endeavours in your life!

Vanessa Auditore – Behaviour & Well being specialist.

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