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Perhaps not as obvious as a broken arm or the flu, mental health problems are nonetheless common in Australia and worldwide. Mental health problems vary in type and severity, and can affect anyone at any time.

Did you know …?

Mental disorders include a range of problems that significantly affect a person’s feelings, thoughts, behaviours and interactions with others.

Some of the commonest mental disorders are depression and anxiety. If you’re concerned about your or someone else’s mental health, consult your doctor, counsellor or a psychologist.

Depression – the facts

Many of us feel sad at times. In fact, it can be a normal response to certain events, such as loss. However, depression involves feeling sad or disinterested in usual activities, and experiencing other symptoms, most of the time for at least two weeks. It affects a person’s daily functioning.

Possible symptoms of depression include:

Anxiety – the facts

Often confused with stress, anxiety is when anxious feelings persist for no apparent reason and can’t be easily controlled. It interferes with a personal daily life.

Anxiety disorders come in many forms, but the commonest include generalised anxiety disorder, social phobia, specific phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and panic disorder.

Generalised anxiety disorder involves excessive worry or anxiety about many events, most days for at least six months. This worry is hard to control and may be associated with:

Supporting someone with a mental disorder

Approaching someone you know about their mental health isn’t easy. So, here are some expert suggestions on what to do and not do.



Resource: Healthlogix Australian Corporate Wellness Online.

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