How often do you stop to consider the simple things?

A beautiful sunrise, sunset or listening to a the birds singing happily in the trees.

Life gets busy, minds overstimulated, so much to do, dreams to realise, maintaining the balance can all get a little much, can’t much going on yet so little real connection.

When is the last time you just sat with someone you cared for and really listened or were listened to?

With mental health awareness on the rise thankfully, give it a go, put down the remote, log off the social media, computer, foxtel, whatever device has your attention and direct it to a real person or even inward to yourself. Stop listen and just sit a while, companionship is quite profound, it has the ability to change a person’s perspective just because you took the time to sit awhile.

How well do you connect with your children, partner, friends?

Can you describe their favourite things, can they yours?

Stop a while, tune in and listen, make contact, offer a hand, pick up the phone and say Hi, make a date, make plans, plant seeds in the garden of yours or another’s heart. Time is not guaranteed, make the most of the quiet moments listening to the whispers on the breeze.

Happy day everyone, may your heart be the place you connect and share moments that change lives.

Vanessa Auditore 🙂

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