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Life in the fast lane takes it’s toll, whether it’s stress, poor health or conflicted relationships

Taking time out to stop and enjoy the moment is what’s meant by living in the now, a concept made famous by many a self help or personal development facilitator

Yet how does one actually do it?

A few simple ideas you may choose to practice

1. Opening your eyes first thing in the morning and actually seeing the beauty of the new day, lie there a few extra minutes and drink it in, feel the newness.

2. Sitting in the park at lunch letting the sun warm your face as you actually taste your food rather than mindlessly swallowing while trying to clear the inbox at work / home / smartphone

3. Savoring the first sip of your coffee, letting the flavour dance over your tastebuds before rushing to the office / meeting / school run

4. Actually listening to someone share their story without being busy checking your phone or formulating a response in your head

A few simple ideas to help you reconnect with now. Slow down and maybe you may find something you thought was lost!
Vanessa Auditore – Human Development (PT, Life Coach & Counsellor)

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