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Does it feel like life is running at a million miles?

Learning how to slow down and allow your biology to catch up is a great investment of your time and energy. When we are rushing our minds go into overwhelm, our heart rate increases and we can behave in a way that later makes us cringe and wonder… what just happened?

It can happen in all sorts of situations and taking a moment to breathe, centre and regroup is essential to minimise stress responses and enter the state of Flow, just rolling with it, letting go and surrendering all the should’s and musts, the criticism that are typically fear responses because that’s what our biology is saying, when stressed we slip into fight or flight, now unless you are literally in immediate danger you are allowing the situation to waste precious time & energy that could be enjoyed elsewhere!

Do yourself and those you’d be affecting a massive favour… STOP, breathe deeply and reset. This is mindfulness in it’s simplest form, try it out and experience something different.

Yours in Health


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