Healthy boundaries are essential for the success of anything you choose to build, be that a house, a business or relationships.

Recently with some renovations going on next door I watched as a wall was extended and while it changed the view from my side of the fence slightly I could see how it was essential from their side as this became a foundation for further expansions.

For any structure regardless of genre to be solid and support further growth, change and enhance it’s capacity to accommodate other people, things, experiences first we need to assess what it is we already have in place and how strong or suitable those boundaries are for the project, task, event at hand, from this assessment we then create choices and opportunities, we may even need to go back to the plans and rewrite some aspects or the whole lot.

From a relationship perspective with self and others the process is no different, other than working with human clay rather than bricks and mortar both very strong materials we do need to reassess every now and then before we attempt to build, expand or grow, while these experiences happen naturally without much thought as change really is the only constant in life it is wise to ensure the boundaries you are working with now will continue to support a healthy structure moving forward.

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