In short Yes Success can feel incredibly intense and overwhelming.


Success in and of itself is relative to the person and what that individual uses as a measure of success. It can be anywhere between winning an academic award and celebrating loving lasting relationships

It may manifest as a new job, a new love, a new or improved anything really that we have worked toward achieving through the process of recognition of what is no longer working for or serving us.

The acceptance that something no longer serves us creates a disequilibrium, the status quo can no longer rest in the known and as physically bound beings it gets our attention at one level or another.Mental, Emotional or physical stress as we attempt to hold onto the familiar ways.

Change can feel so uncomfortable at first that it causes us to react from the old existence, playing out old patterns, beliefs, feelings and enacting unhelpful behaviour.

Disequilibrium has a purpose and a valuable one at that.

It allows us to recognise where we have been, where we are now and where we wish to go. I requests a return to balance, homeostasis. Think of this process as a balance sheet a test and measure tool, a check in.

When we are meeting our new visions, passions, desires it may feel uncomfortable , simply because this state is unfamiliar.

So what do we do?

1. We acknowledge this is new an unfamiliar
2. We accept we aren’t really sure how it works here, at this new reality and we gently step forward.
3. We suspend critical judgement long enough to just experience the something new
4. We take the necessary time to adjust, whether that be to slow down , quieten the mind through navel gazing, journalling, meditation, reduce the social schedule, take a bath (with candles:),go for a walk, talk with a trusted advisor – friend, family member or coach / therapist.

Success for those unaccustomed to it can create a very real sense of overwhelm.

KEY # DO allow yourself the time, space and support at whatever level feels appropriate to accept this as it is, tell those close to you about your feelings this will ease up the pressure that change can facilitate as well as clues them into the experience you are having and the adjustments that may be necessary.

Before you know it this experience will become comfortable and familiar and could very well be the source of disequilibrium agin to climb the next rung on your particular success ladder.

Happy Climbing 🙂

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