While a feeling of accomplishment is something to be enjoyed, you might also take a little time today to consider some bigger goals you could set to keep the momentum going. Simply give some thought to the goals you’ve accomplished thus far, and think about the next logical steps to pushing your level of success even higher. Then come up with some clear action steps you can put into motion once your period of celebration has run its course.

We can keep the process of personal growth going strong if we continuously keep reaching higher in our aspirations. When we first accomplish a goal, we understandably feel proud of our achievements and may be tempted to stop where we are. By choosing to see our goals as an ongoing process of personal accomplishment, we will understand the importance of setting continuous goals. As we keep stretching and growing beyond what we believed was possible, we continue to improve our life circumstances and gain a greater sense of confidence about our own abilities, which allows us to achieve even greater results later. While you are enjoying your celebrations today, you can devote some of your positive energy to forming even bigger goals and keep your momentum going strong.

Resource: Daily OM

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