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Ways to practice mindfulness

My favorite practice is mindfulness sitting meditation. This involves focusing on the breath as the foundation for retaining attention. In mindful breathing we naturally observe our breath… This is a wonderful way to build the skill of mindfulness so it can be incorporated in to everyday life.

Mindfulness can also be practiced by being mindful of body sensations, thoughts and emotions, which can all be done through mindfulness sitting meditation.

Mindfulness can also be cultivated through, mindful eating, mindful movement, such as stretching and using postures that enhance awareness of balance and strength in the body.

A body scan meditation, where we observe any sensations throughout the body from the toes to the head, can be helpful.

Ultimately, incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life is how this practice can neutralize stress, improve life-satisfaction, and increase well-being. When you intend to focus and pay attention to your inner and external world it helps keep you centered, and more open to momentary experience.

No matter what you’re doing, whether simple chores or your daily work, remember to stay present and focused through your senses, body, and breath.
Joe Wilner
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