“What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. – Hans Selye (Nietzsche)

Are you able to adapt and respond productively to challenging situations?

We will all run into obstacles and challenges as we work toward our goals and aspirations, so being prepared to deal with them and respond in the most productive way possible is crucial to staying persistent and strong.

Resiliency can help us deal with stress and persevere in the attainment of our goals. It can help us find benefits and opportunities amongst life’s difficult moments.

Here are a few questions to gauge your level of resilience.

Do you keep a positive attitude during difficult situations?

A resilient person is able to maintain a positive attitude and emotionally deal with difficult situations when they arise. They are aware that challenges will arise and are able to make the best of them.

They see challenges as opportunities to grow and learn.

Do you have skills to help you relax and manage stress?

When obstacles and challenges arise, having the skills to relax our mind and body is crucial to be able to bounce back from difficulties.

When you start experiencing stress how do you deal with it? Using breathing techniques, imagery, yoga, or prayer can all be wonderful ways to manage stress.

Do you have a network of people who offer you support?

We can’t do everything on our own. Having a network of supportive individuals is a powerful tool for overcoming challenges. Who do you have that can help you reach your goals? What resources do you need and how can you obtain these?

Do you take good care of yourself and stick to routines?

When things get stressful and tough it’s important to stay focused on and take time for your health. When we start to neglect our physical health it can have ramifications on our ability to deal with stress.

Staying healthy invovles things such as avoiding caffeine, reducing drug or alcohol use, getting at least 7 hours of sleep, and at least 20 minutes of exercise per day.

Do you know what your priorities are and take action to achieve them?

When we run into setbacks it can be tough to persevere and follow through with our goals. Resilience helps us to focus on our priorities and aspirations, and remain dedicated to our commitments. Don’t let stress or set-backs distract you from what’s important.

Do you keep your eyes on the big picture even in challenging situations?

Resiliency comes from staying focused on the big-picture when things get tough. It can be easy to get sidetracked and start thinking small when moments of disappointment occur. Staying focused on the big-picture provides inspiration and motivation to keep going.

Resilient people will possess many of these traits. We all have strengths and weaknesses in these areas, so no one will possess all of these qualities. Learning what our strengths are, and understanding where we can develop improvements can help give us directions to build resiliency.
By Joe Wilner

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