When you feel rebellious and resistant to attempts from others to influence your choices leaving you feeling confined by the expectations of others or confused about your own desires. Though your resistance is natural, you could be giving too much of your energy to the battle. You might find it helpful to spend some time alone today, thinking about your dreams and long-term goals and building a strong conviction about your right to make your own choices. If you also work on building up your self-confidence, you will find that you can develop an iron will as far as your own life path is concerned.

By getting clear on what we really want in our lives, we gain the strength and conviction to turn away from others‚ attempts to influence our choices. While our first reaction to persuasion from others is to fight back and resist, we often drain our energy in the battle. Instead of focusing on what we don‚t want, we can choose to turn our thoughts in a more positive direction and focus on what we do want. By embracing our dreams and making plans to achieve them, we develop a stronger conviction in our own ability to create the lives we want. If we then combine this with a strong sense of self-confidence, we no longer feel the need to resist outside influences, because they hold no power over us. By consciously choosing the path your heart leads you to, you will free yourself from the confines of others‚ expectations today.

Resource: Daily OM

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