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A client is more likely to change in alignment with their own expectations than external ones(ie yours).Facilitating change in your client gets complicated from this point as your level of skill development as a trainer without further education and development in Human Behaviour studies can become confusing as the client may have a complex mixture of positive and negative reinforcers when it comes to physical health.
A thorough needs analysis is essential to uncover hidden patterns and highlight areas of resistance that lay outside of the scope of set and rep, nutrition and chatting about whats going on, yes sure this builds awareness and that is important and where to from here strategies are what makes the difference between being a Personal Trainer and a Successful Facilitator of change.

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Vanessa Auditore CEO Success HQ.
Qualified Human Behaviour & Wellbeing specialist nominated for Who’s Who Of Australian Woman 2011
Expertise: Life coach, Counsellor, Personal Trainer and Behavioural Scientist
Making sure the advice you receive and give is based on more than personal experience.

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