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Understanding human dynamics, embracing differences, and learning how to help each team member shine is the key to a successful and productive work environment.

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Many leaders struggle with trying to work out how to best support and grow their people because let’s face it, human beings are complex!

How we think, feel and act, what drives our inspiration, motivation and connection needs along with the simple truth that sometimes people don’t get along can make it really challenging to work out.

I often hear stressed-out leaders ask, “What do I do now with this person?” or “My team just aren’t on the same page!”.

Whether you are in a leadership role as a part of your career progression or you simply love developing others, having the skills to ask the right questions, understand the psychological and emotional processes that drive your people’s behaviour, meet targets and deadlines, while also creating an environment of safety and trust can feel like a huge task!

Yet here it is. It is a challenging role to be a great leader who transforms teams and contributes to a great culture where their people and business thrive.

Team Dynamics simplifies the complexity by teaching you how to become that great leader who can integrate the theories into practice, strategically improve and empower your people, together influencing real outcomes through an optimised, and cohesive team.

Keys to Success


Assessing your team’s current state. Effective problem solving requires a starting point. Look around, what do you see?

The principles of Team dynamics enables perspective taking, identifies what’s working and what’s not. This knowledge of your team’s norms, decision-making, execution and developmental needs creates effective coaching techniques and superior Leadership capability that moves you and the team forward.


Planning your team’s future state by revisioning how it could be. Every big goal requires a series of smaller goals to reach your end state.

Team Dynamics maximises effectiveness through enabled discovery, goal setting and execution strategies around psychological, emotional and behavioural shifts, nurturing this renewed vision into life. As a leader you navigate the path and support the process of success.


Without action nothing changes and all great outcomes require the renewed vision has a solid foundation and is set up for success.

Team Dynamics teaches you how to lead through vision, team collaboration and gain consensus on your collective goals, individual developmental needs, objectives and performance tasks. Your outcome is leading a team that succeeds.

In this course we will cover...

(12 week course, with 3 modules delivered each month)

Module 1 - Group Dynamics

We will explore Intragroup dynamics. For teams to be effective, the team members must be able to work together to contribute collectively to team outcomes.

Module 2 - Team Cohesion

We will explore the 3 main factors affecting team cohesion.
* Environment - Group Proximity, Group Size and Work Environment
* Personal - Personal identity and Social identity
* Leadership - 6 Common Leadership Style and the Styles of those you lead.

Module 3 - Concern & Control

We will explore enabling people to have conversations that foster responsibility-taking for their work and lives, resulting in happier and more proactive and productive behaviour.

Module 4 - Forming

We will explore the forming stage, where group members are learning what to do, how the group is going to operate, what is expected, and what is acceptable.

Module 5 - Storming

We will explore how members must work to overcome obstacles, to accept individual differences, and to work through conflicting ideas on team tasks and goals.

Module 6 - Norming

We will explore when conflict is resolved and some degree of unity emerges, how consensus develops around who the leader or leaders are, and individual member’s roles.

Module 7 - Performing

We will explore the next steps when consensus and cooperation have been well-established and the team is mature, organized and well-functioning.

Module 8 - Adjourning

We will explore what happens when most of the team’s goals have been accomplished and the emphasis is on wrapping up final tasks and documenting the effort and results.

What makes Team Dynamics the market leader of leadership courses?

This course is limited to 10 participants from your organisation at any one time, providing you with focused feedback and individualised support so you and your business receive the strategic outcomes and leadership transformation your team needs.

By the end of the 3 months together, you will have received:

  • 8 in-depth online modules, consisting of video training, assessments and activities
  • Personalised Team Development Plans
  • 7 hours of coaching video calls
  • an actionable Leadership Development Plan so you can take your leadership style and business to the next level

We will ensure that you, your team and your Head of People and Culture, are on the same page and have all the tools and knowledge needed to develop real outcomes.

Course Schedule


Week 1

Leaders Course Introduction
Goals, Mindset, Workbook
Video Call (45 minutes)

Week 2

Modules 1 - 3
Leaders Q&A
Video call (45 minutes)

Week 3

Modules 1 - 3

Week 4

Modules 1 - 3
Leaders Q&A
Video call (45 minutes)

Week 5

Review Modules 1 - 3 with Head of People and Culture
Video call (45 minutes)
Leaders begin
Modules 4 - 6

Week 6

Modules 4 - 6
Leaders Q&A
Video call (45 minutes)

Week 7

Modules 4-6

Week 8

Modules 4 - 6
Leaders Q&A
Video call (45 minutes)

Week 9

Review Modules 4 - 6 with Head of People and Culture.
Video call (45 minutes)
Leaders begin
Modules 7 & 8

Week 10

Modules 7 & 8
Leaders Q&A
Video call (45 minutes)

Week 11

Modules 7 & 8

Week 12

Modules 7 & 8
Course completion with Leaders & Head People and Culture
Video call (1 hour)

Course Fee: $6,500

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