Team Jeannine is underway with Jeannine starting her journey to reduce her bottom line by 25kg by March 2011 to coincide with the celebration of her next birthday.

Jeannine is ready to take that step to transform her life from the inside out.

At Sacred Centre out professional Team Fit and Well is working wholistically with Jeannine as often when a client has a large amount of weigh to reduce its very important that along with nutrition and exercise comes toning up the heart and mind regarding the feeling and belief that come with long term issues with weight and body image.

Counselling and coaching are uniquely suited to assist Jeannine with her physical transformation as coaching has a goal ( 25 kg by march 2011) and as we set out toward that goal deeper issues will and do bubble to the surface and this is where professional counselling is engaged in addressing these unconscious beliefs that have prevented a balanced approach to health, weight, food and self image & esteem prior.

Jeannine is traveling well in the first stages of her journey and our intention collectively is to create change at a pace and in such a way that creates “just enough” challenge as too much change to fast creates overwhelm which can lead to unhelpful stress triggering sabotage to success.

Stay tuned and watch as Jeannine makes her way to her goal.

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