Attitude of gratitude on this New Moon compels me to publicly offer a token of my thanks and appreciation to the following:

My son Charlie, because you are an amazing young man filled with optimism, character, strength and enthusiasm.. I love you angel

Lou, Charlie’s dad for helping me to raise such a wonderful young man

Kyla, you are my soul sister … happy birthday

Mish such a treasure

All of my clients for allowing me to share your journeys … I humbly Thank you

Brie Peters from Glamour Puss Parties for sharing your love & vision with me and asking me to be apart of something amazing that is Thank goodness he’s a Country Boy, I know we will create a new way for men and women to relate with themselves and with each other.

To Christian Marchegiani of THUMP Boxing for your inspiration, love, compassion and vision and your capacity for change, growth and willingness to teach others from the inside out.

Beau & Luke for showing me amazing friendship and the beautiful qualities that loving men possess.

To Geoff from Rebound Health I look forward to our new adventures and creations

To Stacey from Flex Yoga, you are an amazing young woman filled with passion and enterprise.

To Jules, my apprentice you have come so far thank you for your trust and faith, well done.

To my beloved family thank you for being a part of my world and being such a strong connection for each other, we know how to handle crisis and I wish us all a smoother road ahead.

To Sacred followers & my personal friends also a heart felt thank you for your support, interest in your selves and wholistic health.

Love and light, may all your dreams come true as mine are now

Vanessa xx

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