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Your desire to be useful could make you feel like helping out others whenever you can today. Perhaps you realize that you are part of a greater whole and that by being considerate to whomever you encounter you can contribute in some way to making the world a better place. Imagining that the people you interact with today all have a jewel inside of them that shines brightly with the unconditional love of the universe could make it easier for you to extend a helping hand to everyone you meet. Even if someone seems to have negative energy, if you picture them as being lit from within with pure universal energy it might seem more natural for you to do something that makes their lives more comfortable.

Seeing the beauty in the people we come across lets us recognize the divine that exists in all of us, for as we become more open to the fact that the universe doesn’t discriminate between us, we are able to be considerate to everyone. As we come to a deeper understanding that others are also a part of the same universal spirit that forms who we are, the boundaries that seem to separate us slowly disappear and we begin to realize that by helping others, we are also giving to ourselves. Our own lives become richer as a result. By recognizing that the universe shines through all of us today, you will care for others with a pure and sincere heart.
Daily OM

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