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Vanessa Auditore Director of Success HQ & Centre of Wellness today has decided to compete again in Natural Body Building, (drug free, real food and balance). Vanessa has competed 3 times previously – one NSW Title and two Australian Titles where she placed 3rd and 5th. Vanessa will be utilising the professional skills and talents of herself and the team at Centre of Wellness located in St Leonards.

Further support comes from her training partner George affectionately known as “G”, a kindred spirit who understands the value of commitment to a personal goal. Having the right training partner is probably one of the more important aspects of competition, they are the one who pushes you that last little bit when you think you have nothing left and given I am a very motivated focused person G has his work cut out for him, luckily we both have a great sense of humour !!

Supplementation, nutrition and hormone balance support of my very talented Naturopath & sister Carlene Fuchs ND and  Michael Trinh her Biosignature coach (balancing hormones to maximise results and ensure a successful metabolism and brain chemistry, without which the body is prone to injury as well as mental fatigue and emotional disturbances, again balance is the key to a fit strong healthy, mind, body & spirit to get on stage on comp day and WOW the judges

Success comes with a set goal and vision, the passion to reach the goal and the right support people to help you get there. Nobody achieves great things alone.

Stay tuned for the transformation, competition date is May 2012, Vanessa is a mother, a business owner, uni student, a great friend and loyal partner and passionate about Health, Well being and personal development with a priority focus on balance and doing things well, we will show you the ins and out of achieving your goals whatever they may be, backed by an experienced professional passionate team.

Some photos of Vanessa’s last competition 6 years ago

Vanessa is 43 years young and ready for the next adventure… Are You?

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