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our tranquility can surprise you today, as you may be coping with a great many challenges at this point in your life. You may instinctively be using your home as a sanctuary where you can recover from worldly stresses, even if you have never before regarded your personal spaces as a refuge. The feelings of peace that spread through you as you rest and relax in a room special to you or your garden can be the perfect antidote to the tension you carry with you during much of your outer world existence. To make these spaces even more inviting and serene today, take a few moments to beautify them before settling in.

Our private spaces can serve as the sanctuaries that calm and reassure us if we take steps to clear them of life’s draining clutter. It is a simple truth that peaceful rooms tend to inspire peace within us, and we are better able to think in areas in which energy can flow freely. When our homes are not the refuges we wish them to be, we need only choose where we will establish a bastion of tranquility. Once disorder has been eliminated, it is time to replace it with artifacts and decorative items that encourage us to de-stress and meditate. The inviting and soulful spots we create in our homes are the perfect counterpoint to worldly pressures, and we are naturally drawn to them when we need to soothe away tension. You will feel wonderfully tranquil today when you establish a sanctuary in which you can rest and recharge.
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