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As we find ourselves at the end of another year and poised to begin anew remember to take and make time to give the gift of your presence as a present.

Often Christmas brings out our need to share our deepest gratitude and expression of love through gifts wrapped under the tree and also remember that your most heartfelt intent can mean so much more. Take time, make time to spend sitting with yourself to appreciate you and then share that with others. The truest you, connected to all that your heart holds sacred. Connection in today’s busy world often gets lost and that true sense of sharing, caring, love expressed can be just what we need.

Consider for a moment all that you have created, achieved and allow yourself to feel satisfied, enough!

Sure set goals, resolutions to improve any or many areas of your life as that’s what growth is about, yet settle into your innermost joyful moments and reveal in that cheer!

Wishing you all a joyful time spent with those you hold dear.

Merry Christmas


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