Weight / Fat loss is more than food and exercise ratios.

Our Thoughts and Emotion are major factors in our ability to manage a healthy weight.

How many times have to eaten “comfort” food because you thought it would make you feel better only to then get on the guilt and self criticism rollercoaster often causing more “comfort” eating and on the cycle goes.

Not so comforting after all huh ?

Time to get back in control.

5 Tips for Weight Loss and taking back control

Apply the 15 min rule :
When considering “comfort” food, walk away from the fridge/cupboard, vending machine, supemarket aisle for 15min , practice ESR and take some deep breaths. Emotional Stress Release – whilst holding the palm of one hand at the base of your skull and the palm of the other hand on your forehead. Don’t take my word for it. Try it and feel the difference.

Comfort or distraction – Know the difference:
Once you realise food is fuel and not a form of comfort you can be empowered to choose something else

Tune in instead of out:
After using ESR or just walking away from the object of your distraction then bring your awareness to your inner dialogue ” What exactly are you telling yourself”. Take a moment to tune in instead of out, this is a point of choice. Create a conscious experience from which to decide what the best course of action is : eat the “distraction’ or deal with what you are thinking.

Emotions are powerful motivators :
As with tuning in to your inner dialogue, use the 15 min rule to clarify your feelings, are you feeling hungry??? Really or on closer reflection are you feeling angry, lonely,sad, anxious?
Use this valuable 15 mins to change the next behaviour, choose to address the underlying emotional need.

“Real” ationship to Food
Time to get real. Do you perceive food as a form of celebration, maybe the roots of this habit can be found in your family/cultural relationship with food. Often many family/cultural celebrations are based around food making an unconscious connection between happiness , joy or in some cases stress and anxiety with food.
What is true for you?

Follow these 5 simple tips and change your health from the inside out.
Need help contact us vanessa@sacredcentre.com.au where our professional nutrition and weight loss coaches can assist you to take control of your health.

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