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Prep for IFBB Nationals was a recent challenge I undertook, I am a keen observer of human behaviour, performance and adaption strategies.

What does it take to succeed in a sport that is determined by so many factors, how our minds function / or not so well under physical and neurological stress and of course the emotional roller coaster the last few weeks create due to a very disciplined training and nutrition regimine.

I didn’t place in this comp, it was 5 years since my last placing at Nationals level and I walked away with a sense of humble gratitude because I won on so many other levels that a trophy would never have reflected!

Don’t get me wrong I am going back for the trophy too in March!

One of the aha moments and personal directions that came from this process is to switch my degree to Psychology specialising in Neuroscience and over the years those gone and to come I will focus on the question

What does it take to succeed in the science Natural Body Building

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