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It seems Men and Women are actually from the same planet, we do speak the same language, want the same things and have the same needs when it comes to love.
It appears we just need to get together and talk a while to find that out about each other.

Hey love guru I’ve got a question from one of the ladies:
“I’ve been single for two years & in a 5 year relationship before that, so what’s the go with asking a guy out is that OK? I was taught ” don’t chase a man”!! Thanks Love Coach.
At times I have been asked out by a girl and in no way did it put me off. I was actually flattered and appreciated her courage. The only reason why I didn’t ask her out first was because I thought she wasn’t interested but apparently my sig…nals of intention were stronger than hers. No use in wasting time with all these rules and labels. Get out there and don’t let opportunities pass you by because of some romantic misconceptions created by Hollywood over the years.
Love Coach:
Why do men run hot and cold ?
“What do you mean exactly by hot & cold” Love 101
Well when I first meet a guy he’s really interested for a few weeks,very attentive, wants to communicate like he can’t get enough of me & then he disappears withdraws & won’t talk about it?? I’m confused
What do you think Love Guru?, Love Coach
I am not going to lie and say I have never done this because I have. I have also pondered on why I have done this because it’s not something I really like doing. In actual fact I don’t think many guys set out to be hot and cold intentionally…y. Guys have a hard time expressing themselves and I think this comes down to their social conditioning as well as the environment they are raised in. Most of the time they seek something to fulfill them and are in a hurry to do so only to realise ‘gee I don’t think this is what I want’ and then they don’t know how to handle the situation. I am not even going to say that guys are afraid of commitment because I think if they like someone and are into them well then they make the effort. All I can say ladies is that if the guy behaves this was there’s only one way to behave back – Walk away. You either have all of me or none of me and not just a piece of me!

Love Coach reflection:

You either have all of me or none of me and not just a piece of me!” fantastic advice from the Love Guru Christian.
Do you compromise your values when you meet a potential love, maybe people pleasing is a habit you would benefit by changing?

Is it true?
Guys really don’t like to do the “warm and fuzzy” thing like talk about, express or demonstrate their feelings?, especially in public!!
I think this depends on the guy. Some do like it and some don’t. There’s nothing wrong with a guy being a bit shy in public but at the same time he shouldn’t be cold towards his partner. I guess some guys grew up to believe that it’s not ma…nly to show your affection in public but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is not in love. Remember it’s not about what others see with their eyes – It’s what you feel with your hearts.
Whats are the rules about intimacy?
I want him to know I’m attracted and interested without appearing too eager as I really do want to get to know him better first and I prefer to take my time.
The girls I know have a 3 month rule??
There are no rules to intimacy. I never knew life and love were all about the rules. Sure there are your values, morals, perceptions, and beliefs but they should not be aligned with what society deems right or wrong. Ive been intimate with …a girl on the first date and it ended up being a beautiful relationship. Ive also been in a beautiful relationship where we waited about 3 months to be intimate. Who really knows? Do what you feel is right at that very moment, at that very instant, at that very breath because one thing Ive learnt is that it could also be your last.

We look forward to seeing you on our adventures across the Australian Countryside, hopefully we have inspired, entertained and enlighten you a little.

Love to you
Love Coach, Love Guru and the team at Thank Goodness he’s a Country Boy

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