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The festive season can bring many realities to the surface, ranging from a sense of disappointment, sadness that one’s family, friends social circle isn’t where or how you may like them to be all the way to absolute bliss and joy to be a part of such an amazing gathering of people.

What’s important either way is to pause and reflect on how it is and how you may prefer it to be and make the most of Now. Set an intention to change what doesn’t fit your values to the capacity that you have control over, express your thoughts and feelings to those you love and allow them their own space to consider this way all parties stay empowered and in choice which in turn will make space for something different as the feelings of guilt, powerplays, conflict cease to exist leaving space for something truer to emerge.

Whatever your circumstance step aside and consider ways to improve and or appreciate more of what you would like to see for your tomorrows, take the time today to smile at your fellow christmas shoppers, offer to bring a smile to someone first and see what a gift that is for both of you!

Wishing you all a very merry christmas and a bright star to wish upon and follow through with not just as a New Years resolution as a daily practice.

Peace to you

Vanessa xx

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