Whole brain thinking is about evolving the faulty logic, behavioural and emotional patterns of our predecessors. Often we are triggered by events in our daily lives that have origins in the past of unconscious and often unhealed wounding from unmet need, unrecognized characteristics of our unique natures. Getting stuck in blame of our past experiences and those who may have inflicted the wound does nothing to help us evolve, that does not mean to say that you are accepting their behaviour or agreeing that the experience was acceptable rather you are making a statement to yourself that continuing to carry that burden is no longer purposeful and simply a burden that you allow yourself to let go of. Personal responsibility is empowering as it creates choice.

To heal and therefore transform our lives we need to recognise these disowned parts of ourselves and reclaim them, gather them together and nurture the hidden parts back into ourselves, this is the nature of evolution and transformation.

All organic beings have cycles of growth, rest, action, inaction, reflection and integration, as humans we are organic beings and are governed by these laws of evolution through adaption. When we become stuck we need to recognise the phase of the cycle and attend to the needs at that level, attempting to push the needs aside yet again will facilitate resistance and more pain either internalised or externalised in our thoughts, beleifs emotions and behaviour.

Whole brain thinking comes when we recognise the primitive response in the repitilian brain (fight or flight), move through the emotions governed by the limbic system and process through the neo cortex where an integration of the previous two states occurs and we are able to make an informed decisions that guides our conscious choices.

Acting out or reacting comes from lower order thinking and often leads to creating more of the same experience we are actually attempting to change, so when you find your thoughts emotions or behaviours are reactive and feeling stressed this is a  signal to STOP!, collect your thoughts acknowledge your feelings and allow the time and pace you need to make a different choice, repetition of this process will certainly lead to change as well as self efficacy and mastery.

Knowing that you are in a position of conscious choice creates empowerment and you simply feel better with this knowledge, sometimes the process can come as a surprise in it’s simplicity and strength, non the less allowing yourself space to do things differently reaps exponentiation rewards.

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